What Time is it?

Time to explain what’s going on.

This game is meant to be an introductory campaign for younger children of at least seven and their parents to play together. I went through the original process of creating a character with the Pathfinder system and took out every thing that was confusing or caused me to pause and look something up in a book. Yes, this does take out a lot of the “meat” of the characters, but this is not a game to impress people with your feats or ability scores. This game is supposed to be a fun and simple way to share the role playing experience with your child and gear them up to play the “real” version of the game. To start the creation process please see the Character Creation page.

If you haven’t guessed by now the world that the game will be played in is The Land of Ooo , though not on the same continent as Finn and Jake. The PC’s will not meet any of the main characters from the show, and will not have any way of actually knowing that those characters exist. (The exception being Grob Gob Glob Grod and the Cosmic Owl since they are technically religious figures)

Please see the Wiki for further explanation.

Questing Age!