Character Stats

Stats: your character’s physical and mental limitations

STR – Lifting, attack, damage. This is how strong your character is. STR stands for strength.

DEX – Running, finesse, stealth. This is how quick and agile your character is. DEX stands for dexterity.

Body – Hit points, health, poison resisting. This is how tough and healthy your character is.

Mind – Magic points, wits, most skills. This is how smart and/or quicking thinking your character is.

CHA – Lying, speaking, and general social interactions. This is how well liked and persuasive your character is, this does not govern your character’s looks. CHA stands for charisma.

Rolling stats

Stat points are figured by rolling two six sided dice (2 d6) and adding five to the total result. A nice GM will allow players to reroll any ones, and a really really nice GM allows the reroll of a two the first time it appears. After you have your total you must put at least one point into all stats, after than you may distribute the remaining points any way you wish. Keep in mind that after you choose a race you will need to edit your stat points accourding to the racial modifier you recieved. (For seasoned players, keep in mind this is as if you are rolling for your modifier only. So a 3 in DEX is like having a 16 or 17)


I roll 2 d6 and the result is a 7. I then add 5 giving me 12 total, but I have to turn around and put that 5 in every stat. So now I have a 1 in each stat and 7 points to play with. I configure them as such

STR – 4
DEX – 2
Body – 3
Mind – 1
CHA – 2

Before I write down anything else I will then choose my race and edit my stats the way my chosen race says.

Character Stats

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